Branding Successful Social Media – Disney Style

I think that many of us would agree that social media is a big deal; Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube – we all know the drill. It’s rare these days to come across a company not using some form of social media. But, how many brands are actually using social media successfully? Many times I have liked a brand on Facebook or followed them on Twitter only to be disappointed by their social media efforts; no engagement, very few posts, or posts that are too ad focused.

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Woah! Media is emerging!

Hello All!

My name is Julie Mamie and I am a “first-time blogger” so I hope that you will bear with me as I find my way in the blogosphere! I have been citing references and writing for academics for so long now I am a little worried that I have forgotten how to communicate in any other way!

I am excited to get started, so lets begin!

So what exactly is emerging media? I hope that through this blog I will effectively be able to convey to you how I see media emerging.

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