More Changes to Facebook?

So it is about that time again. Just when we all started feeling comfortable with Facebook’s last round of updates it is once again time for the social media giant to begin unveiling a new set of changes to the site. Starting today Facebook will begin rolling out the advanced search feature it announced earlier this year to all users in the United States.

The new search element titled Graph Search, will permit Facebook users to conduct more advanced searches — like “Restaurants in New York City my friends like” or “photos of my friends before 1996” — and get detailed results. Much has already been written about graph search – I was able to locate lots of information about it, but considering today it the first official roll out day I felt compelled to talk about it as just one more piece of the emerging media puzzle.

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Branding Successful Social Media – Disney Style

I think that many of us would agree that social media is a big deal; Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube – we all know the drill. It’s rare these days to come across a company not using some form of social media. But, how many brands are actually using social media successfully? Many times I have liked a brand on Facebook or followed them on Twitter only to be disappointed by their social media efforts; no engagement, very few posts, or posts that are too ad focused.

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OMG! PRW Snapchat… BOL

snap chat icon

Snapchat logo

If you deciphered that message, congratulations and welcome to 2013. If not, let me help you out. “Oh my God! Parents are watching Snapchat…. Be on later.” The texting lingo is nothing new, but Snapchat is a newbie in the social media realm. It’s an app that allows users to send pictures to other users, but the sender decides how long the recipient gets to view it – 1 to 10 seconds.

It’s another way teens can connect and express themselves – but its one of many new social apps. Consider Keek or Vine, the quick video sharing services. Skout and Tinder – find new people to chat or instant message. And this doesn’t include oldies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or (the new) Myspace. Youth have plenty of options in emerging social media. Continue reading

Woah! Media is emerging!

Hello All!

My name is Julie Mamie and I am a “first-time blogger” so I hope that you will bear with me as I find my way in the blogosphere! I have been citing references and writing for academics for so long now I am a little worried that I have forgotten how to communicate in any other way!

I am excited to get started, so lets begin!

So what exactly is emerging media? I hope that through this blog I will effectively be able to convey to you how I see media emerging.

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