Wendy’s Launches “Much Better” Hispanic Campaign

One of today’s key emerging media markets is the Hispanic market. As the U.S. Hispanic population continues to rise the more targeted marketers will need to be to gain this their business

So it looks like Wendy’s got the memo. The #2 hamburger chain is hoping to gain Hispanic loyalties with a new advertising campaign titled “Mucho Mejor” which in English translates to “Much Better.” This ad is a Hispanic version of the “Now That’s Better” campaign which was developed last year.

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Woah! Media is emerging!

Hello All!

My name is Julie Mamie and I am a “first-time blogger” so I hope that you will bear with me as I find my way in the blogosphere! I have been citing references and writing for academics for so long now I am a little worried that I have forgotten how to communicate in any other way!

I am excited to get started, so lets begin!

So what exactly is emerging media? I hope that through this blog I will effectively be able to convey to you how I see media emerging.

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