Blazing the Smartphone Flash Trail

One of my favorite features on my iPhone 5 is the camera. I love to take photos and my phone is always with me so I am often snapping pics throughout the day. I love the convenience of being able to directly upload them to Facebook, send photos to my friends and family quickly, and document important things in my life all directly from my phone. To be honest I hardly ever use a digital camera anymore. One important thing missing through is a good flash – my night photos and video always tend to be dark and never very good.  So today while scanning Mashable articles what do I discover? A new digital flash for smartphones is on the way! According to the company’s website, the iblazr mobile phone flash promises to work on both iOS and Android devices. This simple flash consists of four powerful LEDs that work with an included camera app to provide more light when shooting both photos and video.

The iblazer connects through the 3.5 mm audio jack standard in just about every smartphone — though it will have some interesting placement on the iPhone 5, where Apple swapped the jack to the bottom of the phone. It looks easily pocketable at only 10mm thick, and includes its own rechargeable battery so it doesn’t drain the phone’s power. 

At this point the company’s website does not list a release date, but they are using several social media platforms to promote the mobile flash such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. Each social media channel posts select information about the device and the app as well as photo examples. If you are wondering (like I am) how well this device will preform here is an example that the company provides comparing the iPhone flash (left) to the iblazr (right):

So what do you think? I was unable to locate a price for the iblazr but is this device something you would purchase? Please share your comments below!


3 thoughts on “Blazing the Smartphone Flash Trail

  1. Love the title! The market for these smartphone accessories is booming. Watches, cases, batteries, etc are hugely popular and it’s an emerging market that will continue to grow. Great post!

  2. Your post sparks my interest because I used my iPhone for several night time photos while in New York City over the weekend — with less than desirable results. I think this is a great idea for a new product and it will probably do well based on the consensus that iPhone flashes are not so great. I must admit that having to plug-in an accessory to my phone while out and about could be cumbersome. But it is still worth it, and much better than carrying around a separate cell phone and digital camera like we did a few years ago! Can you believe we did that? How quickly technology has changed.

    • I know I don’t miss lugging around my digital camera anymore – especially when I am out and about and don’t want to have to carry extra items! I agree that having a plug-in accessory might be an annoyance but I really feel that the benefits will outweigh the burden. I can’t help but wonder if an updated, more significant flash will be something that Apple incorporates into their next iPhone update?

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