OMG! PRW Snapchat… BOL

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If you deciphered that message, congratulations and welcome to 2013. If not, let me help you out. “Oh my God! Parents are watching Snapchat…. Be on later.” The texting lingo is nothing new, but Snapchat is a newbie in the social media realm. It’s an app that allows users to send pictures to other users, but the sender decides how long the recipient gets to view it – 1 to 10 seconds.

It’s another way teens can connect and express themselves – but its one of many new social apps. Consider Keek or Vine, the quick video sharing services. Skout and Tinder – find new people to chat or instant message. And this doesn’t include oldies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or (the new) Myspace. Youth have plenty of options in emerging social media.

What do all of these new platforms mean for marketers and communicators? We need to monitor all new forms of media and evaluate their usage for our particular service or company. And by evaluate, I don’t mean a quick gut check. I mean using the tool yourself, conducting research online to see how others are using it, form internal focus groups to see if anyone has ideas on how this tool can further your messaging. “Being in more places in social media doesn’t always make you better, it just makes you broader.”  Perform due diligence.

Vine screenshot

Take Vine, for example. I see value in this tool for visual brands like clothing stores or action-oriented companies like those offering sporting services. How about Bacardi though? They found a way! “In a fairly straightforward, utility-based kind of way, the brand introduced a series of visually driven, six-second cocktail recipes via the Vine platform. Each video shows the step-by-step assembly of a cocktail, with clearly branded Bacardi rum as a core ingredient, a musical accompaniment to set the tone, a fun backdrop, and little else.”  It’s a great implementation for the brand.

Youth are typically early adopters of new media. They are using these tools to socialize with friends and sometimes connect with brands. There’s major value for brands to keep an eye on emerging media – and also watching where youth are spending their online minutes, especially if they are a company’s target audience. Even if youth aren’t a primary audience, brands will get an idea of popular emerging media if they keep their finger on the pulse of youngsters.


One thought on “OMG! PRW Snapchat… BOL

  1. I can’t wait until they bring Vine to the Android platform! Snapchat is so much fun though, I love sending and receiving goofy pictures from my friends and family. Great post!

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